We are at the lake, on June 16

I have 2 kayaks ready to go. The wind is howling, the temp is in the 60s, and there are whitecaps in the cove. On June 16!
Ah summer!
Many of you probably think this sounds like summer but it isn’t what I had in mind .
OTOH, we have a great view of the lake and can see the squalls coming.

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Ah, sounds like a fine day for downwind paddling. Here in the great white north it’s 80 & calm.

lol. We are dried out and it got to 77 . Hot. No rain in any forecast. By the weekend we are promised 90.
This ensures lots of rolling.

Remember the Camp Sanata song?
This evening the wind and rain are gone . The forecast for the next few days is for increasing heat and sun! Time to play!

Heading for near 90 here but we will be hiking on Saturday. Getting in shape for a strenuous hike in August. Might head for Northern Michigan Sunday or Monday.

Better be getting warmer. Virus shut down the pool sessions just about the time I could make them. I have a roll to recover.

Cloudy, 80ish, gentle breeze, lake like a millpond and a bunch of geese in the yard.

Sunny up here in the tip of the mitt, 85F, flat water and a bit of humidity. Not my idea of a good paddling day. Air temps a bit cooler on Lake Michigan, but flat there as well. Water temp around 50F. No way will I wear a drysuit on such a hot day, so went to the farmers market on the bay.

Yesterday was very nice and today looks the same. Very pleasant in the shade, nice breeze.
Have not heard a boat all morning; saw a couple way out.
The doves are cooing, mockingbirds singing, virtually no other sounds.
My brother commented yesterday that if you have a home on the water you don’t have the drive to be on it. Not sure that’s true, but I’ve been happy to sit on the porch , read, and watch the lake.

We are fortunate, our kettlehole has a posted 15 HP limit. Effectively that means trolling motors and a slow, quiet pontoon boat are occasionally on the water. Most often I have the water completely to myself, except in the evening, when ducks seem to hold paddling school for their offspring. :slight_smile:

A curious aside…many years ago, when a speakeasy was located at one end of the pond, seaplanes would routinely ferry partiers from the Boston area (I guess).

My inlaws have a house on a much larger lake in the Berkshires, and all sorts of buzzy things harass the water constantly. I’m heading there in a couple of weeks for a few days and I may not even take a kayak…it’s just not fun dodging the (presumably) drunk weekenders on their boats and PWCs…

This morning the 2 deer who have been visiting were back, a doe and buck. A fox also decided to drop by. Alas, we had to leave.
Last night , we had a great fire on the shore of the lake in an established fire pit.
I only paddled about a half hour the whole trip.