We got our kayaks!

Some of you may have seen my message a couple weeks ago regarding buying new kayaks, and I got some good advice here and from friends. We went out for another demo day yesterday, this time in more of an open ocean environment. I retested the Tarpon 100 (which was the one I had thought I’d get), tested the Tarpon 120, and the Scrambler 11. I decided the Tarpon 120 was better than the 100 for me. I liked the handling and feel of the Scrambler 11, but the foot wells weren’t working for me, my feet kept slipping. Then I saw the Caper in the catalog and it looked similar to the Scrambler but with larger foot wells. The shop got one out for me and I loved it! As soon as I started paddling it I felt it was a perfect fit for me. To be sure, I took it out for 3 1/2 hours. I was still sure, so that’s what I bought! My boyfriend tried a few other kayaks too, and ended up getting the Tarpon 120, which was his favorite from the prior demo day and he confirmed it yesterday. We got Werner paddles, and have to go shopping for life vests today.

Good choice. We have a Scrambler but I never really cared for it…too noisy. When you get in waves they kind of slap the front of the boat and I find it annoying. You should be very happy with your choice.

Demo makes all the difference

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Glad you had a chance to try before you buy.

Spend some time on the vest purchase getting something
you really like. Make sure it fits well, enabling you to
wear it every trip and enjoy having it on.

didn’t find a vest I liked
We went vest shopping yesterday but I didn’t find any I liked all that much, so I bought a used rental vest for $10 so I can still use my new kayak while I continue vest shopping. We’re also signed up for a class next weekend on how to enter and exit through the surf zone.

No, it doesn’t. But you think it does.

It certainly made a difference for me
Before demoing, I was ready to buy the Venus 11, based on what I’d read about it. After sitting in it, I didn’t like it at all, it was way too low in the water for me, and continuously trying to tip to one side or another. The demo certainly made a difference here. Similarily with the scrambler 11. I liked the specs on paper, had spent time in Scrambler XTs in the past so the 11 seemed like it would be a good choice for me. However after demoing it, my feet continuously slipped out of the foot wells due to the wells being small at the base.

Try being a smaller female
It does (demo make a diff).