We got some snow here

13-14" so far in SW Michigan. Really pretty.

One weather person last night said “rural roads may be impassable by Thursday afternoon”.

Its’s heavy, wet snow since it had been warm and raining. We lost one good size branch and others in the neighborhood did too. The pines look so sad with their branches sagging.

And we’re stuck with Polly for a couple of extra days (at least) until her owner can get back here. She’s still a wild pup at 13 months but each time we have her she’s noticeably more mature and sometimes even obedient.

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Very pretty. :slight_smile: That’s coming our way in the northeast. Boston, however, may experience sleet and freezing rain while the pretty white stuff will fall to the west and north of us. Just as well, for ski country.

I’ve been enjoying our more normal seasonal weather for New England.


Does Polly like the snow? Honey loved it!

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We had been well under our average winter snowfall and most of the previous snow was light and fluffy so I could clear with a leaf blower. So I guess we were due to get hammered. I enjoy it.

Yeah Polly enjoys the snow and damn near killed me today pulling me downhill to the local farm for her “big” daily walk (sometimes we go twice). Her coat protects her much more than the coonhound’s. Her feet do seem to pack up with snow a bit. I don’t let her off the leash at the farm because the river conditions are so treacherous/scary.

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That’s a lot of snow. Too bad it’s the mashed potato type and not powder.

Polly looks quite adorable.

We pulled into 5th place. Way below our average so if things pick up we could move up fast.


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I’m between Syracuse and Rochester but being north of the thruway we crush them both numbers wise with lake effect….but less then 100k people so we just get to shovel and watch others get trophies


It is the same here. Erie measures snowfall at the airport and it is west of town and very close to the lake. With many lake effect snows the airport misses them as the snowfall really starts about I90. When Erie measures 100” where I’m at about 30 miles south we get 200” easy. But you have to cheer for the local team.

There is something to be said for snow in the cities though. It is much tougher on the folks in town where homes are right on top of each other and people park on the streets. I lived there a couple winters and said enough.

That snow is purdy. Did that dog change color by going out on the snow?

You need a dark dog in the snow so you can find them.

Or a cream colored fuzzy one.

She is badly in need of a haircut but she may have dreadlocks by the time it’s warm enough.

She looks content.