We have new dog, sort of

Hartwell Honey

Lake is down with a red clay bottom.
That’s Hartwell Jack behind her.
Here are the characters that helped Honey with her makeover.


Such fun!!!

They actually paddled a bit.

End of summer fun when you have to make the most of it. Dogs and kids, mud and water, and boats, what better recipe could you ask for summer fun? In my experience with such a day is their stomachs become bottomless pits requiring urgent attention afterward!!

Post the photo.


From mud boys to paddler trainees.

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:+1: and the beat goes on…

Low water around here too, but plenty of sticks.


Honey doesn’t do sticks but she had her favorite dog in law, Jack. In the background.
She is mostly back to normal color.

Next trip is to Jocassee. Little mud, clear water.

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