We just put our boats up for the season

we pressure wash our boats real well, then Wrap them in Heavy Poly sheeting (Have used Heavy Garbage bags too) and just store them outside.

That’s a sad day. Winter paddling is much better than summer here in the South.

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Our nearby lake (within a 7.23 minute walk) has a 110 mile shoreline, but is drawn down by 10 feet in fall until late in spring. So launch sites become fewer (too muddy in many places) and none are very near to us by then. Further, the lake can get significant ice along the shore, good for ice skating (if cleared) or else for Nordic skiing, not so good for boat launching. Hence, when the water goes down far enough, we store our kayaks in the garage with their hatch covers and cockpit covers to deny access to wild spiders. The garage is under an apartment and doesn’t temperature cycle much at all.

I tend to agree, But i Like Golfing this time of year, i am a warm weather Paddler, and have no “Indoor” storage for my Yaks, so unfortunately the few days i could get out, i am usually on the links

In days gone by, my rule used to be “32 degrees by noon, and open water”. The goal being to paddle at least once every month year-round. Now it’s “45 at launch time, light wind, preferably sunny”. Amazing what a few years will do.

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Green leaves on the trees and washing the kayaks in short sleeves and giving up on paddling for the winter?


As long as the water is not hard, I continue to paddle. When it is hard, then I can paddle in bays by the ocean. 12 month paddler here in NJ.


Yep, Put mine up, gonna use the rest of the niceweekends of weather working on my Golf Handicap.

My golf handicap is my swing. :slight_smile:

I don’t “put my canoes up for the winter”.
If not in use, they are always stored indoors.

If the “planets all line up” I’ll paddle in the winter. River to be paddled, number of days to paddle, weather expected, and who my paddling companions will be, are all things to be considered.

Have paddled in snow on numerous occasions; kind of fun in a way. Not a big issue with good rain gear…
Freezing rain is the absolute worst; rain running a close second. Sleet is not much fun either.
If any of those are highly likely; you can count me out.
Been there, done that; no longer into suffering needlessly.

The great thing about winter paddling;iIt sure it quiet…
The drunks are elsewhere, no boom boxs are playing, every curve in the river is free of numerous jammed up canoes. piloted by “river dorks” in rental canoes. Sometimes surprised at the amount of wildlife you can see in the winter. Have paddled 15,20, 25 miles, and never seen another person. Your own private river…

Photos: Christmas 2015. Had a good time…temp in the 30s

Pultite SpringChristmas Selfie 2015

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Winter is the go to season in Florida. Kayaking is better then when temperatures are more comfortable.

Of course we still have to work. Here Qruiser is checking depths in the farm pond , with assistance.

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