We-no-nah/ Adirondack Used price

Hey all, I found a wenonah canoe the Adirondack model that was only used twice. Its comes with factory installed skid plates and is in like new condition. They want $1000 for it. Is that a good deal, if not what do you think the price should be? I want a canoe for fishing and wilderness trips and I think this would work nicely and I also believe Wenonahs have a lifetime warrent on them if im not mistaking. Thanks Jeremy

Is it a royalex boat? Looks like a good deal to me. It would run 1400-1600 now I thinkā€¦

canoe material
Yes it is the royalex material. I am suppose to get some pictures through email and if all looks good go out and look at it monday. It will be my first canoe. Im really excited. i just want to make sure its a good deal and that I can use it for my intended use. Do you know if this canoe can be paddled solo?

Wenohah Adirondack Questions
I bought a new Adirondack six years ago for about that price. I see a new one on line now for $1,399. I would think that $1,000 would be OK if it is excellent condition. The Wenonah lifetime warranty applies to the original purchaser. It can be paddled solo sitting on the forward seat facing the rear. Of course it will not handle like a solo canoe.