We-no-nah Prism

I’ve been in the market for a kevlar solo canoe for a while. I have an opportunity to pick up a Kev UL Prism for under a grand. The canoe is in excellent condition. The reviews I’ve read here are pretty glowing reports. Wondering what others think of it’s capabilities as a day tripper/fishing canoe, overnighter and gearing up for a weeklong canoe camping trip. I’m a fairly big paddler. 6’3" 240lbs. I’m looking for a solo than can cruise easily and has fairly decent primary stability. From what I’ve read on the Prism it sounds pretty decent. Any comments on this canoe will be appreciated.

good choice
The Prism has some of the best initial stability of any of the solo canoes I’ve paddled, and is as efficient or more so than all but handful of the solo canoes on the market. I think it would be an excellent choice for your size and intended use. Under a grand is a very good price for an ultralight canoe in excellent condition.