We-no-nah Prism

I purchased a new We-no-nah prism , I noticed some areas on the bow and stern that have a white color to them , unlike the rest of the canoe that appears “honey” colored, I saw some tiny areas that appear as thought the resin on the outside has tiny holes in it, I wanted to attach a pic so you can see what I am talking about, but , i saw no way to attach a pic. I am just concerned , probably over nothing as I am a bit OCD. does anyone have any thoughts on this ?

tiny ?

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can you read a ruler ?

post photo links.

feed your photo into whatever Google photo shop runs....organize the pixels....upload into Google photos then publish that link here.

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air bubbles
skin coated vacuum bagged hulls often exhibit very small pockmark holes in the surface of the resin from air bubbles trapped against the mold and not worked out of the resin during layup. they are not harmful and only cosmetic. I have several hulls now approaching 20 years of service with these pockmarks near the ends of the hull in the surface of the resin. When I recoat the worn resin over the Kevlar they will get filled in, but they don’t affect anything now.


amine blush is cosmetic
those white patches.

appendix a


can be caused by bagging in too humid conditions.