Wear a helmet or a Tilley

if you are outdoors in the eastern panhandle of WV for the next month. DNR is going to be dropping fish-scented bait blocks containing a rabies vaccein for the raccoons to nibble.

Why a Tilley? Foam padded crown.


just looking out for everyon’s welfare

To This Day…
I still have not a clue what a Tilly hat looks like, despite endless heated threads…


There are even pictures on the website!!

When you say “Dropping” do you mean from an air craft?

News flash - In an attepmt to prevent humans and other animals from contracting rabbies, the WV DNR killed a few humans and other animals by bludgeoning them with rabbies vacaination.

Sounds like a Monty Python skit.

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And here I thought I was…
…the only ignorant paddler on P-net !



Air-drop. No kidding!
I have seen a video of the actual operation, and the blocks appear to be similar to the wax and grain-based blocks used in rodent control. Apparently these contain fish protein as well. They are fed through an apparatus that dispenses them on a controlled basis.

Could be called Raccoon Bombing



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It looks kind of but not really like this:


Hey i think gilligan IS whearing a Tilly..

More info
Heres a link to the DNR site. I was in error regarding the eastern panhandle - looks like teh New River drainage is the target, with the upper Ohio as well.

Strangely, the FAQ does not mention getting hit by a bait block…



No, Gilligan wore a
"bucket" hat.

Honestly Swedge, would you call a Tilley a “boonie”?


( 8-o}}

Helmet… no kidding.
I’ve been bumped, banged, poked, prodded, cluncked, and stabbed in the mangroves and very glad I had my Tilley on my head.

Never had anthing fall out of the sky except bird poop though…

Hee Hee Hee (OT)
For some reason I had a visual of WC Fields doing some of his hat tricks. I wonder what he could have done with a Tilley…


Reminds me WKRP’s
radio promotion where they threw turkeys out of a helicopter…

“As God is my witness…
I thought turkeys could fly!”

Someone on the board mentioned that this was inspired by an actual promotion. Anyone remember where?


Just to stir the pot …
I have something called the “Ultimate Hat”. It looks exactly like the Tilley.


Don’t know who copied whom but neither is much protection against falling food bricks.