Wearing out Socks

I bought some of these “lifetime guarantee” socks and thought I’d wear them out and send them back for a replacement.

That was 1 1/2 years ago. I wore them (one single pair) every day for all of last year and all of this year during the cool months and finally have two small holes.

I am dumbfounded as to how long these can wear!

Should I send 'em back or just walk around in awe about how good they are?

If you’re giving useful advice, tell us
what kind of socks they are.

I’m guessing they’re not Smartwool.

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I used to get Workforce (tm) white crew socks from Sears that were knit from "Turbo Hi-bulk Orlon" that you couldn't hole with a marlin spike and were cheap, too. They don't carry them anymore.

Huh, looks like maybe the same? http://www.jtdirect.net/proddetail.php?prod=Workforcesocks

Just Imagine
If you’d washed them sometime, how long they would have lasted?

what do you think the odds are
that g2d will still be policing the boards in 2011?

question for clarification purposes
Do you walk on your hands or your feet as a general rule?

I think you need to send them back
to the company to see if they honor the warranty. Of course, if you’ve worn them for a year and a half without washing them, it might be seen as a terrorist attack.


Lifetime guarantee
probably assumes reasonably normal use. Wearing the same pair of socks every day for 1.5 years goes beyond both normal and “heavy use” in the U.S.A.

They might honor your warranty, but clearly you set out to abuse the privilege of benefiting from it.

For some time now, it’s been you doing
the policing. Caught by your own resentment.

A good cop is one on the spot.
And one that’s consistent. Carry on!

I have some Smart Wool and Thorlo
socks I have worn for a long time and they are still going strong.

The socks
The socks were bought from Redhead catalog. Actually they do not smell at all. I cannot believe how durable they are. And warm of course!

I may have to try these
I’ve used Smartwool and other brands and they all wear out at the heel eventually (for me, at least). At $10/pair for the “lifetime” socks, they seem like they may be a real bargain. Perhaps they’ll work well under a “lifetime” Gore-Tex dry suit.

Smartwool durability has been
disappointing IME. The “PhD” versions seem better than the originals, but still not what I expect at that price. Fortunately, my wife actually likes to sit in front of the fire darning socks and she’s good at it, too!

great socks Batman!
Not only does Tilley make great hats, they also have socks and underwear that not only last, they can be washed at night and are dry by morning. Their UNHOLEY socks are guaranteed 3 years and I’ve been a customer for about 10. Fantastic socks, especially if you wear orthotics and need a thin sock and/or live in the tropics.

A Good Cop Like a Good Sock

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A good cop like a good sock,
will spin off many yarn,
and though these may be shot with holes,
we're disinclined to darn,
in gaps where heels pound on a beat,
for therein lies the rub,
as fox in socks implore ole goats,
"Come Billy, join the club."

Redhead has some good stuff …

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....... been using the thier mirinowool socks for a few years now , I own 2 pair and she has a pair this year . I wear a 12 boot but the 13-15 Redhead sock has the better fit for me ... also Goldtip crew socks (JCPenny's) fit better in 13-15 . Socks always shrink a little anyway .

The Redheads are thick and you don't want a shoe or boot too be tight when wearing them . I swap out the original (Redwing) boot liner with a thinner one when I use them in those boots , in my pack muks I can use reg. cotton under the mirino wools (enough room) .

Got a pair of Redhead waterproof gloves this year ... and they are waterproof !!! (3 models w/Goretex in the lineup this year $39.,49.,59.)

Been using Redhead non-waterproof for a few years now too . Both are really warm but the waterproof pair is everything one could want in a glove for darn cold and wet weather ... have to see how they hold up but so far so good ($49.) .

Also finally have a pair of NEOS Trekkers (20") waterproof ... she (leighrobin) got me those for Xmas . Now I can walk through 18" deep water , icy streams and whatnot w/o getting wet ... problem is she doesn't have a pair so when hiking and we have ford a stream she'll have to do it the old way ... look for a rock hop or downed tree (Trekkers are almost a certainty in her future now) .

how do they smell?
Sorta like a Tilley?

"Lifetime " warranties
are usually for the “lifetime” of the item, not your lifetime.

I love the feel of Smartwools, but they do seem to wear out quickly. Thorlos seem to wear like iron.


Military socks

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Found this:

Might be worth experimenting with some of these.