Weather fears on a kayak trip...

I wanna paddle this weekend, but it’s supposed to RAIN…I mean I WANT to paddle, but it’s maybe gonna rain an’ I don’t wanna get WET…anyone got advice for this? What do you do to avoid getting wet when you paddle?

(An Geeze, those of you who took this seriously, find a good stiff shot somewhere and come on back when yer a little looser umkay?)

I’m just bored at work for a change, and I remembered a post on another forum where a lady said this very thing…as nice as I try to be, I hadda ask her what the F----? Yer paddlin’ a YAK an’ ya don’ wanna get wet?..“BLIMEY!” (From another thread…LOL)

paddling this weekend
well get yourself a bus…train…or airline ticket to new going to be in mid 60 low 70 up here.paddling in the pine barren,so if you really wanted to get out,here the place to be

See my response on “sunblock” thread

This hat is also useful in deflecting rain.

It’s easy-----
Do 1/2 of a roll. That way your boat will be over your head and it will keep the rain from hitting your head or your body.

When you need to breathe, just scull up for a breath.

What The Heck!?
the BEST is when it’s raining or snowing. :wink:


Hey, it’s -20 at my house right now, and it’s -25 in town with a low of -35 tonight. How many of you folks would like to go paddling today? :slight_smile:

Do you really want to talk that person into paddling with you??

Be thankful if she cancels…

You Have No Fear!
of the weather 'cause you’re doing the right thing by staying home! :slight_smile:

-20… Sukks to be where you’re at!


Watch out for boat wakes, too :wink:

Rolling washes off the rainwater NM

Water is still open here in MI.
Here in lower Michigan, most of our rivers are still open. With recent temps in the 40’s there’s no problem getting out on the water. Both, the annul Day after Thanksgiving on the Rogue River and New Years Day, Pine River Paddle had much warmer weather for paddling than usual and were well attended.

It is so nice to go out with no jet skiis, or large power boats flying by creating wakes and eroding the shorelines. There are even a couple of Kingfishers still hanging around. It is so peaceful.

Hopefully many of my fellow paddlers are able to do the same.