Our forecast is for rain turning to sleet turning to snow or all of the above. From what I read many people on the east coast have had the same.
How are you doing?

Nothing here yet, and I don’t really expect much. A little freezing rain that’ll melt by early afternoon.

Gorgeous day, but very cold.

The black line on the horizon is Waugoshance Point, which separates the Straits of Mackinac from Sturgeon Bay. A favorite place to paddle.


You folks are tough. Just like we are in the Dog Days of summer.

Photos of water frozen when still moving are sooooo cool! Keep ‘em coming, please.

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We got lucky in SW Mich and the latest storm missed us; it’s been clear here since we got 14" a little over a week ago. It’s helpful to have an appropriate paddling vehicle.

meh. we will see. It could be a mess of slush or 18 inches of heavy crap. We have a plow contract. Don’t really care. We can use snow for TP. It would be nice for something other than glare ice which the Post Office has cowtowed to. They won’t deliver saying its too dangerous ( for two weeks) but we have all gotten out to do life. The PO guy got an earful. The glare ice is on a foot of old snow.

Our concern is ice. And power outages. We are not prepared for rare events.
It’s happened 3 times in the 34 years we’ve been here.

No ice or snow here, but a gale warning (wind 20-30 knots with gusts to 40+ possible) for later tonight and tomorrow, and strong storms overnight. After the front passes the wind will be out of the west which will make for a very rolly afternoon in my floating home (my boat faces south in the slip) :sailboat: Thank goodness I don’t get seasick, planning to do a bunch of EC prep including some charting and computer work. :nauseated_face:


Hay Strang,
We’ve been getting ready for this event for a couple of days up here in Piedmont NC. Food and gasoline and batteries stocked. Dishes and clothes all cleaned. I really should break down and buy a generator.

Cold in southern New England. It was 5 degrees when I got up yesterday, and peaked at 15 degrees, but I still got out for a hike in the morning and a quick paddle in the afternoon. Even colder this morning at 1 degree, but it is going to warm up over the course of the day and the storm will hit us tonight as rain with the temps in the mid 40’s tomorrow. Crazy weather.

p.s. - just looked at the weather again, and we might get and inch of rain tomorrow that should bring all the rivers up on Tuesday - too bad I have to work :slightly_frowning_face:

I live 200 miles north and the Weather Channel is hysterical. It was below zero again this morning ( high of six yesterday) And the WC has a high wind warning for today with winds of 5-10 mph… No mention of tomorrow with winds of 50-60 ( gusts). And no mention of snow.
Local meteorologists and the NWS predict snow 8 in and they are usually conservative.

We have to ready the trailer and install batteries on it and dig it out from its ice tomb. We have a foot of something white that feels like concrete.

Off to find the Stellers Sea Eagle. But not paddling. Aside from the ocean no open water.

Its amazing how weather can be so different twenty miles apart. Portland may get drenched. Us… meh another snowstorm ; the most bothersome thing of course is that whiteouts are never good.

Hasn’t been bad in Baltimore area. Despite warning of extreme cold and heavy snow predicted for this winter. Last week saw 11 inches if snow toward Virginia (95 trapped motorists for days). Friday I woke to 60 degree temp in house. The wind blowing down the chimney apparently blew out the pilot light to the radiator boiler.

As the season changes, I switch to winter things indoors, like home repairs, building projects, reading, listening to music, relaxing. Ice coming tonight.

Fair weather often sneaks up on me before I realize it. Only 2 1/2 months left before the winter moves out. 2 months until spring. A few weeks until the ground hogs determine our fate. How did they get so smart?

Honey has been enjoying it.


Honey the polar pup.

My daughter’s lab. The only way you can tell old blockhead is there is because she found the only snow on the deck.

There is a road out there. Tomorrow will be a real mess.

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At least it looks nice. Throw another log on the fire.

Oh wow. That’s a lot of snow for an area that’s not really equipped to handle it. On the plus side, it no doubt will melt within a day. Hope your power stays on, string.

The temp is predicted to be below freezing until mid day tomorrow but there is some minor thawing. Think glaze ice.
The sand trucks will be handling the bridges and over passes. Roads are your call.
We won’t drive anywhere before Tuesday. Thankfully, no power issues.

Looks like this snow will hit us. It’s about time, there’s only a few cm/inches on the ground now, not even really enough for some good snowshoeing.

It’s been cold for the last week or so, which froze up the canal enough to open the skateway. That means I’ll soon be back to skating where a few months ago I was kayaking:

World’s largest skating rink