web link for conver. tables

Hi all …just a web link for conversion tables …with alot of things in the kayaking world in cm 's …you can convert to inches, ft,etc, with these tables.


No Good!
I tried to convert speed in “miles per hour” to “furlongs per fortnight” and it wouldn’t do it for me.

Try ConvertIt …
it might do it for you …

Um, it was a joke

Nevertheless …
it will do it. - ConvertIt.com

example: enter 6 mph in the Convert From: window and furlongs/fortnight in the Convert To: window and you should get:

Conversion Result:

16128 surveyors furlong

6 miles per hour = -----------------------



I hope this helps.


Just download “convert.exe”…
… and keep it handy on your desktop.


Now that I try it, I see the other will.
…do it too. “Furlongs per fortnight” is an old joke among scientific types doing unit conversions. It even appeared in a parody of a college entrance exam made by ‘The National Lampoon’. I always figured it was a pretty useless unit of speed measurement, only serving as comedy. Guess I shouldn’t have taken that assumption so far.

Secretariat ran the Kentucky Derby in 1 minute 59 and 2/5 seconds, that’s 10 furlongs (1.25 miles). Still the record

nauticle mile
while were on the subject of conversions whats a nauticle mile compared to a regular US mile

Another vote for Convert.exe
I keep it pinned to the start menu on all of my PCs. I probably use it 20 times a day on average.

It does not do furlongs/fortnight though ;-(