Webbing Tie Loops

A while back someone posted a step-by-step guide to making tiedown loops to be glassed into a boat for securing float bags and other gear. I can’t find the discussion now- can anyone help?


fiberglass cloth epoxy webbing

– Last Updated: Apr-28-04 2:03 PM EST –

d ring. Lightly sand an clean surface for adhesion. Run webbing through d ring. Wet webbing ends which will go under the cloth, and the clothe with epoxy. (Fiberglass type not adhesive type. Lay up webbing next to hull, cloth on top to get better surface area and strength. The direction of force on the D ring should be: force pulling on D ring, D ring, edge of glass patch, end of webbing, end of patch. All in a straight line.

I am eager to see others improve this advice!

OK, but…
…if I don’t want the d-rings, just the loops. I think it involved a piece of soda straw so the loop would stay open while the resin cured.

Probably a no-brainer, but I hate to reinvent the wheel.


Yep that was me
I put in fiberglass loops on a boat usinf 3/8 inch food grade water hose. I will do it with webbing though wehn I have to do it again. One day my glass loop will rub through. Even webbing will rub through. D rings will distribute the force ans not rup through. Jingly though when not under load.

Try here: