websites collected

Just thought I would condense all the websites I have collected form you all into one page. Good reading for when not on the water.


(kayak rescues that work)


(more rolling)

(Petrussen maneuver)

(waiting to inhale)

(click on manuals for a wealth of information)

(South Florida weather center)

(kayak from sticks and tarp!)



Thanks, and my jardine rant
Every time I see his name in a forum I will say that bears are killed because of his egotistical advice to put your food in your tent because your time is too important to bear bag your food. Got to cover a lot of miles to keep that big ego pumped up.

Yes, I know about his designing cams, etc etc. but I am disgusted by his advice to PCT thru-hikers to keep food in the tent overnight. He should recant and apologize. Yes, finding a tree to use the double cantilever bear bagging technique on is no fun, but the bears were here first (IMHOP).

what did I miss?
what are you talking about? did I include a site that offends yuou?

No no offense.

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as I said Ray Jardine has contributed a lot to folks who enjoy the outdoors. He also wrote that while thru-hiking you should keep your food in your tent and not spend the time and energy to bear bag. (Got to make a lot of miles, you know) Bears have ripped open tents and bears have been killed because of his advice. I'd rather he was a bit less egotistical, (satisfied with covering less miles), and had more respect for bears and other life which is not Ray Jardine. So, if his name is published on a public forum, or comes up in conversation, I will make sure folks have this background. As a thought leader he should be more responsible. He should recant his position on bear bagging, and do so loudly and at as much length as he has hyped his adventurous spirit.

As I said in my first work of the subject line, Thanks! I appreciate your work in collecting these sites.

If someone portrays Neil bush as a businessman and does not mention Silverado I have another rant. (Time magazine did so during the 2000 campaign. I will let them slide on the SBA loan that never got repaid because his company went bankrupt, but he paid himself a $1,000,000 salary. Got to have a real sense of detail to know that.) Same principle: those people whose self-sought publicity makes them an example, should really take care to do it right.