weekend getaway suggestions NH,ME,VT,MA

Hey all-

I’m in seacoast new hampshire and desperately want to get away from the weekend. As anyone who lives around here knows, its tough. State park campsites are booked months in advance and spontaneous trips are hard. Everywhere i’ve looked at so far is booked to the gills (Umbagog, Squam, Pillsbury, etc.), and its difficult finding places that are under the radar for overnight camping. There are plenty of nice day paddles but i’m looking specificaly to camp. I know its short notice but does anyone have any suggestions? ANy secret spots they’d be willin’ to share.

Thanks for all the help-


Oh yeah- any suggestions are welcome but i’m lookin to keep the driving under four hours, so the allagash is out!

Flagstaff Lake

I head up the way a couple of times a year and am never disappointed.

weekend in Maine
I’m planning to do the Moose river bow trip before freeze up, check out: