Weekend trip ideas

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My mother-in-law is visiting for the next 2-3 months so I'm looking for weekend canoe camping trip ideas. I'm in Fredericksburg va and am familiar with the Rappahannock, but I'm wiling to travel 4-6 hours. I'd even be willing to face the joisey devil in the pine barrens if another event comes up.

You could get to the flatwater section (44 miles) of the Youghiogheny from Connellsville to the Allegheny in a 4 to 5 hour drive. One of my favorite weekend paddles in southwest PA:


Check the gauge for good levels - scroll down to line 314 on this list for the readings for Connellsville on down. Between 3 to 4 feet it’s nice flowing and pleasant, very scenic:


Great guide!
Thanks for the information. That’s a great guide and I’m planning my trip now.

buy the book

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"Classic Virginia Rivers" by Ed Grove, and check out virginiarivers.org -- no shortage of opportunities in the Old Dominion. The Shenandoah is always a great trip, there's some secluded island camping on the main Shen between Front Royal and the WV state line (I posted a TR awhile back)

I recently paddled a section of the Mattaponi, I think you could do an up-and-back and camp. gets pretty remote in the Virginia countryside

close by I think you could get away with camping in the woods on Abel Lake in Stafford -- there's a large tract of undeveloped land on the west bank.

Maryland too, e.g. Antietam Creek, Paw Paw section of the Potomac, Patuxent Water Trail, Shad Landing on the Pocomoke River

getting a bit cold now for river camping though.

You could lose her in Dismal Swamp
in Virginia. Just camp on an isolated “island” and then paddle away. You’ll have to do without your camping gear for a while.

Here I thought he was planning trips to get away from the mother-in-law.

I’d never get away with it
Besides, for my own safety I’m not saying if I’m camping to get away from the mother in law or because her being here gives me the opportunity to go camping. It’s all in how you phrase it.