"Weeny" fest Sept. 27 in WV

Weenie Fest is the signature Fall paddling event that occurs each year the weekend after Gauley Fest. It is the celebration of the “weenie” boater and of course we stop and cook wieners over a fire as we paddle down the New. We will be meeting in the Grandview Sandbar parking lot (located near Prince WV) at 11:00 am on Saturday, September 27th. The trip is 4.9 miles long on the New River and features some class II+ rapids. Yelling wee wee is optional. There will be rafts, duckies, and kayaks. Occasionally someone canoes or sups. We only discriminate against hardcore boaters who take themselves too seriously. This event is designed for all ages and ability levels. Come one, come all to weeny fest!

weather and river was beautiful,
34 attended, many hot dogs eaten and I heard a few “wee wee wees” as some folks got splashed. A great way to spend a Fall day.