Weight capacity

I just got a Fusion 124 and it has a rated capacity of 250lbs. I weigh 285, and am on the way down, but not there yet. I really like the boat, much more than any others I tried in the price range, but I am concerned about water entering. I plan on using a spray skirt for anything more than flat, no wind water (mostly I hope to cruise the lake erie shore and harbors in Cleveland). Am I going to be okay? I know you are not supposed to exceed, but it is just 35 pounds, which has to only translate to 1/2"-3/4" lower in the water

demo it first
I learned to be very respectful of weight limit notifications. Perception had a kayak that said it would hold around three hundred pounds. It did, sort of. Not a good situation.

Just Fyi
Typing in Fusion 124 yields this result 4 sites down…


This is without it even being overloaded by the sounds of it. So just be cognizant of this situation.

I saw those, but I am going to assume it has something to do with not sealing the rear hatch properly, as mine is a tight fit. In my experience, most people who complain like that cant admit that they are really just dumb/didn’t use the thing right. The Dicks website has the exact same boat, with the exact same dimensions with a different name (fusion 10 as opposed to fusion 124) with a 275lb capacity. Still I am over, but only 10 pounds. The kayak is the most comfortable one I tried, with the right features and price and I need to lose weight anyway, so I am going to stick with it. Thanks for your replies

tried it
Well, got to go out today for an hour and a half. Love the boat, it is super stable, quick and tracks straight. I had it out in lake erie with a 1 foot chop, taking it broad side most of the time, and stayed dry and safe even without a skirt. It does sit low, but had no problems with boat wakes or thee 1 foot chop. As I lose weight, it’ll get better.