Weight in kayaks

What kind of weight have you other paddlers put into you kayaks. Mine are 17’ an 18.5’. Our weight is 180 and 130.

It’s all about the boat

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My foster shodow can handle 275 with ease. When I pack 260 into my standard romany explorer I can get a lot of water over the rear coaming if I am given an assisted rescue in anyghing other than totally flat water.

425 in our 19 brings the water just
up to mid seam.

useful weight
chilled rasberries and dark chocolate, misc. clothing,stuff.

ok,ok,where are you going with the question? There’s the amount of stuff you need,there’s a certain amount of weight that will sink a kayak to X draft or Y beam. But not all boats handle weight the same even if they’re similar volumes,some motors/paddlers will have a muscle/mass limit that may occur long before it’s an issue for the hull.

Off the top of my head if you can carry more than 75lbs then you’re in too big of a kayak for most day paddling.

my Q600
My 16’8" X 21" Q600 held my 210lb body and about 50lbs of gear pretty easily when I was into bodybuilding and weighed that much. I’d say 275 is about the limit for that boat though.

Now I weigh 180lbs and my 21’8" ski could use a much heavier pilot.

My carbon sprint k1 is designed for 80-90kg. I weigh 80kg and it is a tad floaty for me but the extra capacity means I can carry lots of water on long paddles without compromising handling or sinking it.

I have another ICF K1 (Stiletto Maxi) that is designed for a BIG paddler. It holds over 200lbs.

Thanks. I have two Seawards (56lbs ea.) and I was figuring I had about 75 in each.

Again thanks for the help.

I’m curious, that’s over the capacity
listed on the QCC website for the 600. Care to comment further?

Q600 capacity
When I bought the boat I weighed 180. I was leaning toward a Q700 based on the website. Phil asked me what type of paddling I was going to do. I told him I would be primarily day paddling, sometimes in tight places. He suggested that I would be happier in a Q600 so I bought a 600 instead.

I was into bodybuilding at the time an got as heavy as 210lbs within a year of purchasing the boat. It handled the extra weight fine. I often used the boat to commute to the lab which involved carrying a laptop, books, food for the day, and a change of clothes (~30lbs ± depending on amount of books). The boat handled fine as long as I was mindful of trim.