Weight lifting

What would be some good lifts to do to strengthen the arm and core muscles for paddling?



Hi;; Bench presses, and sitting rows,on a machine,or bending over a bench with dumbbells supporting yourself with one arm and lifting back, as in a row with the other. Keep the weights low until you progress. Good luck…Kacey…

Maligiaq says:
Pushups pushups pushups…

work your core
by doing situps and stuff. Lie flat on your back like you gonna do a sit up. Do a situp, but instead of going straight ahead, rotate your torso until your elbow touches your opposite knee. ie left elbow touches right knee. Do an equal # for both sides.

Also, lying flat on your back again, grab something very sturdy with your hands, like a heavy table. Put your legs up in the air. Swing your legs from side to side, going as low as you can. Careful not to overdo this one. Start small.

If you have a sturdy coffee table or similar, sit on the edge of it. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the edge of the table (on either side of your bum). Scootch your bum off the edge, and lift yourself up and down. Don’t go too far down as you could tear the muscle.

Basically what you want is core strength. Situps, pushups, using an exercise ball, small weights and stuff.

I’m sure there’s lots on the net about building your core.

check this out
http://www.ironmanmagazine.com/ helped me when I first started weightlifting.

Situps, pushups,
and forearm and wrist curls. The exercise that blackfly is promoting is great for your triceps.

At the same time as you are lifting, try to also concentrate on flexibility.

We can pump you up!!!


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they get you in shape to perform a search using a keyboard!

Here’s what 2 minutes got:





While many of these are directed at flatwater paddling, you’ll find a lot to recommend for consditioning for WW as well.

Exercise you fingers FIRST, and then your bod, and THEN

Paddle on!

-Frank in Miami

That was one post -here’s a few more:





It’s MORE than solely core strength -you should work your upper body to improve loading/unloading and carrying boat activities, and good whole-body workouts are great for general fitness as well as paddling fitness. But yes, the core is indeed what drives you when you’re utilizing good technique.


FINGER exercises are the most important-they’re FAR more efficient as can be seen above (I found 20+ articles addressing exercising/weightlifting for paddling) to help YOU better prepare to

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Yup I exercised my
finger the other day when somebody cut me off while driving my car! HAHA!

this is a great one

Another exercise you can do is stand with your legs about shoulder-width apart, your arms hanging freely, holding a dumbell in one hand. While keeping your hips level, slowly lean to one side and lower the dumbell, then stand up straight again, focusing on standing with the muscles in your sides. Take a moderate weight and do 3 sets of 10-12 on each side, and feel the pain in the morning :slight_smile:

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I saw a pickup the other day with bumper sticker that says “Watch for the finger”. I guess you could use one of these

:slight_smile: Lou


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I have a degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics. I would say lots of abdominal exercises, lower back exercises. Lat Pull Downs, upright Rows, Bent Over Rows, bicep curls, wrist curls, overhead press(if your blood pressure is not high), Chin Ups, Dips, Dumbell Flys, etc.

I want one!
People are always cutting me off because they think I’m slow with my kayak up there-well, I’m not and have had to avoid many accidents but then I drive buses for a living so I should be used to that eh?

Let’s put it this way-
If I didn’t do sittups and crunches I don’t think I would be up for paddling as much as I am-it all compliments one another-biking is a good leg toner too ands probably helps with those long paddles sitting on your butt!

Leg Work
Leg work is actually very important to any exercise routine. Your largest muscles are in your legs and hips. Training these muscles 2 times a week will help increase your metabolism and increase hormones needed for muscle growth and repair.

Also, Abs, Forearms, Calf and Lower back muscles are the only muscles that can(and in most cases - need) to be trained daily. The pully class is different for these muscles than all of our other muscles plus the stamina of these muscles is naturally higher as they are used more than other muscle groups in everyday activity.