Weight Limits on Dagger/Ace

I am about to buy one of two shorter kayaks, either the Dagger GT or Wavesport Ace. The latter has a weight limit of 170lbs and the Dagger has a weight limit of 180. If I’m 185 hoping to get back to 170, will this be a problem? Should I consider longer boats. I like the prospects of these boats in that I have access to both flat water to learn on and a gradient of rough water to become proficient. Is it worth putting up with any problems wieght restictions may present?

I’d appreciate some insight.



If You New To WW
the GT is a more forgiving “river runner” design whereas the ACE is older style playboat, longer but still very slicey. The are two models Ace 4.7 and 5.1 (47 and 51 gallons respectively in volume). A more experienced playboater will want a lower volume boat with slicey ends to throw around to sink the ends for tricks. For a beginner, the slicer ends and sharper lines will mean more inadvertant squirts and tripping on edges around eddy lines.

If you have some experience the bigger Ace may work for you. If you have no experience with white water, I think your better bet would be with the GT.

Most ww boaters will upgrade (or add) a boat in a year or two as skills improved. Buy used.


top of weight range
With you being at or slightly over the top of the weight range, both boats will be somewhat harder to learn in than if you were in the larger versions.

I’ll second sing on the GT over the Ace if you’re a complete beginner–you’ll spend less time upside down in the GT.

Very different boats.
I assume you are looking at an Ace 4.7. On flatwater you will find it slower than larger volume boats. It’s bow will bury as you paddle, especially if you try to go at all fast. The stern will sink easily. I weigh 190 and have such a boat, a Dominatrix 47, and I have a lot of fun playing with it on flat water. But I would never take it down river. If you want to develop basic WW paddling skills I recommend a larger boat. The GT will not be such a handful but it is still too small for you. You will notice the difference in things like ferries. Other things being equal a larger volume boat will sit up higher and scoot across the water. The smaller boat will be harder to control and more subject to the forces of the current. Undersized boats can be fun but I wouldn’t choose to learn in one. Keep looking.