Weight limits

I recently bought an Ocean Kayak “Poco” from someone on craigslist. I did not realize it was a kayak meant for a small person weighing under 130lbs. Well, I’m 5’6" and weigh 190lbs. How will this affect the performance of the boat? Should I get another boat? If so, what kind? Really only wanting a sit on top I’m wanting to take it surfing and on rivers.

for kids
that kayak is for kids. doubt if it actually has any performance features anyway.

Sell it.

yes, another boat
If you are correct about being like 50 pounds overweight for the boat, you could have any or all of the following: the whole thing is so overly deep in the water it will capsize if you turn to look at anything, if you lean forward the bow will sink under the water, if you sit back the stern will do the same. None of these are desirable behaviors in flat water, if your rivers have any current in them you will be swimming - a lot.

Exactly what are you looking to paddle in, like does it include rivers with curr3ent, lakes with waves from wind, etc?

I figured so
That’s what i figured. Yeah, i’ll be paddling on rivers with a current as well as surfing waves at the beach with it. I was pissed when i saw it was for kids. The person i bought it from told me it would “fit me fine” cause of my height.

might not be that bad
Read the reviews on here:


There are a couple of adult paddlers who report using them (though bought for their kids and recognizing their limitations.) Might be better for you for surfing, where you are bound to accept getting dumped and wet. Could be a challenge on flatter water, especially at only 20" beam width.

Tow inexpensive boats to look at
Ocean Kayak Frenzy

Cobra Strike

Both are great kayaks to get started in the surf. Cobra Strike will be a better performer when you learn what you are doing in the surf. Frenzy better for rivers if not shallow.

How much time do you honestly expect to spend in rivers in Southern California? Not likely unless you live near the Colorado. I would only take these on class II or class III tops on the Kern.

Yeah, I’ve been looking at the Frenzy and an emotion spitfire 8 as well. Spitfire 8 is around $200 cheaper at my local sporting goods store. I might go with that one. Read comments about how its pretty good to surf in. But also heard alot of really good comments on the Frenzy

Would not recommend for surf
The emotion kayak is a cheap tub toy. You will spend most of your time upside down in the surf. The plastic is cheap and will be torn up after a few bongo slides.

Spend a few more bucks on reliable boats that are durable and well tested in the surf by beginners. Buy a boat that has paddeyes and thigh straps as standard equipment you will need them both to paddle in the surf or moving water in rivers.

That’s what I figured it came with along with the low price. I’m an avid mountain biker and when it comes to parts, you get what you pay for. Guessing thats the same deal here.

because of height ??
That is a very odd comment - especially for a SOT. Whoever you got this boat from was on a par with the intended market for it…

resell it
There is good demand for inexpensive kayaks for kids. You should have little trouble unloading this on Craigslist if you post it as a good boat for kids (if you have none of your own to pass it along to.). I have never lost money on reselling any kayak I bought used, in fact have several times sold one for a bit more than I paid foe it, at worst I break even.

Kayaks like bikes are marketed at various price points so once you venture far into the low end there are compromises for a reason. As you enter the higher end it reflects customers willingness to pay more than function or performance.

Keep researching if you aren’t in a hurry and if your decision continues to be budget driven buy used as you’ll probably look for something else as skill and preferences develop.

Thanks y’all
Thanks for all you guy’s help. I ended up giving the boat to my girlfriend, who it should fit better. I found a killer deal on a dagger gt 8.1 with skirt included and swiped it up

Quite a difference …
from the boats you were mentioning before.

Make sure you really know what you are doing in your spray skirt and playboat before you paddle out in surf. Practice wet exits and learn to do a basic roll in calm water or a pool first. Learn how to protect your shoulders. Wear a helmet.

You might consider taking a surf class/surf zone. Contact Aqua-adventures in San Diego.

When learning to surf avoid breaks with board surfers, and know how to control your boat and know surf etiquette before paddling out around board surfers and SUP. The Marine Room in SD, Warm Water Jetty in Carlsbad and Dogpatch at San Onofre have other paddle surfers around.

Your boat will surf OK, but will be slow for paddle outs. A couple of years ago a guy from inland came down to San Diego and broke his neck in the breach break on a small day. The ocean this time of year is unforgiving so know what you are doing.