Weight of Bell Yellowsone

How accurate is Bell’s spec weight of 44 pounds on the Yellowstone Solo?

Bell specs for the weight of their Royalex boats is not very accurate. We have two older Wildfire RXs in our family fleet, one weighs about what they claimed it would weigh while the other is about 8 pounds over as I recall. I believe the weight discrepancy comes into play with the hull material – namely the Royalex. Bell’s specs are “out the window” if one sheet is heavier than the next. The actual weight is out of Bell’s control since they purchase their Royalex sheets - like every other canoe manufacturer.

Said another way: Bell’s specs are probably as accurate (or as inaccurate) as everybody else’s for Royalex canoes.

In my opinion manufacturers who use Royalex should list a weight “range” rather than a specific weight. That would be “fuzzy” to be sure… but more honest.

Bell weight QC

My Dad has a W/G MorningStar that is about 6 pounds too heavy. I own what I term to being the heaviest Flashfire in the world, as it’s about 3 pounds too heavy. I don’t think that Bell ever has had much QC with regard to weight (or from a layup quality perspective either for that matter). I realize that there is some variability in weight from hull to hull, but Bell has never really been very accurate. Especially when compared with companies like MRC back when it was owned by the Henry’s. I own two that are dead on, and I never heard of one that was more than a pound or two off.


Thought I’d be charitable…
…with the season and all and knock kick Bell too hard for a change of pace… ;^) But, yeah, you’re right… Bell’s quality leaves something to be desired sometimes. …they could aim a bit higher…

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for the feedback. You have confirmed that my “feel” for weight is about right. I helped a friend load his Yellowstone solo about a week ago and was thinking at the time there was no way that boat weighed 44 pounds.

52 lbs
Just got off the scale with mine - 52 lbs.