Weight of Kayak

As I previously posted, I purchased a WS Pamlico 135T. The dealer’s price list indicated 55 lbs. and the yak actually weighs over 70 lbs. (69 lbs. per the WS website).

However, although the yak is only 13’5", it moves very fast and tracks very straight. Could that be a function of the added weight or is it more related to the construction?

Weights posted by vendors and retailers should be taken with a grain of salt.

Often they are for the hull only (no outfitting) or sometimes they’ll stretch the truth about how light they are.

The next time …
… you are in a kayak shop, ask if they have a scale…

What do you think they will say???

My question is really whether the weight is a factor in great tracking, speed and stability of the yak?

I do not think the dealer has a scale on his premises but he indicated it felt a lot heavier than 55 lbs.

You could put 250lbs in an inflatable raft and it aint going to track worth squat.

WS Tracking
The wieght of klayaks varies greatly. I bought a Seda Revenge that was listed at 50#. It is more like 65#. I did notice that they recently revised the weights listed on their website to 68#.

The extra wieght might help stability, but not tracking. The WS boats track and glide great because they have a buildt in skeg. Kathy has a Pungo. It tracks really great, but it could turn better…

I have not weighted Kathy’s Pungo. but it seems a little more than listed specs, also. S

Yes, it is a great factor when
you are talking about 55 to 70 pounds. For less difference, I would return the boat (three or four pounds).

On the whole, you will be carrying your own weight plus the boat’s.



PS: Most local manufactures lie about the weight of their baots.

WS Pamlico 135T weight
When I recently bought my 135T, I was told that WS has the weights reversed for the 135T and 145T.

WS Website
The website lists the 145T at 65 lbs. and the 135T at 69 lbs.

Amybuck- how do you like the 135T so far? I think it’s great but I have trouble carrying it and the readers on this site have recommended a kayak cart.

When considering how wieght will affect performance you have to look at it as a combined weight of paddler and boat. If weight was a significant issue, then a 150 lb. paddler would be significantly faster than a 200 lb. in the same kayak. Most of us could really reduce the weight of our kayaks by simply losing a few pounds. A kayak’s weight gets important when you’re putting on top of the car. Now, there 10 lbs. will make a big difference.

carrying the 135T
I use a kayak trailer to get transport the 135T from home to the water so I don’t have to lift it too high to load it (if someone is available to help with the lifting, I do take advantage of him/her). For getting from the car to the water, I use a kayak cart called a Molly which helps a lot. I am relatively new to kayaking so I don’t have any other kayak cart experience but I also use the Molly for my single kayaks as I am always looking for ways to avoid hurting my back.

forgot to mentnion that I like the 135T
I am finding it tracks well and has the initial stability which is something I look for in kayaks. I actually based my choice on feedback from this forum. I have only paddled it solo for a few minutes while my son walked on a trail. The place I bought it from recommended a bigger blade if I anticipate paddling the 135T alone. I bought the paddle and now have to see if my dog will join me in the 135T!

I’m glad you enjoy it. It’s a great yak despite the weight.

if its a SOT

you can fill it with helium

… but then you will need really BIG paddles to get large enough bites of air

Yes … the manufacturers lie.

Mine was a claimed 72 (I think) … weighs an actual 83.

I think they almost feel they HAVE to lie … if all their competitors are doing it.

all salesmen lie…
…& they can look you in the eye while doing it!