Weight Ratings for Kayaks???

I have been looking at a lot of different kayaks and I am somewhat confused by some of the differences in Weight Ratings for what appear to be very similar boats.

Can someone shed some light for me.

they make it up
ok,maybe not totally but almost. the numbers imply a discrete measurment like the notches on a belt,if you have a 34" waist you can’t wear a 32" belt or a 38" belt set to the 38" notch. Which really isn’t the case with recommended weight ranges on kayaks.

A person can make mistake volume measurments as providing some kind of comparison between kayaks and it may not be applicable since the volume above the waterline has little bearing on load carrying capacity.

It would help to ask about the specific boats and go from there.

It would make more sense to say S,M,L,XL for kayaks and leave out the discrete weight ranges,“Capacity 350lbs”

wider boats hold more.

Pungo Classic 12 holds 300 plus well
This kayak holds at least 300 lbs comfortably. It turns easily and pretty much does what you tell it to do. I had it out in a Michigan lake full of speed boat and jet ski wakes and it handled well. I also had it once or twice in Lake Huron - not something I’d recommend to anyone with very little experience like myself.

I plan to keep the Classic, but this year thanks for some fine pnet folks, I have a Pungo 140 to try. I expect it to perform well also.

Someday I’ll want a Sea Yak as well but for now I’ve learning and paddling to do. There are enough inland lakes nearby in my home state to fill up a couple of summers full of weekends.

The Old Town Loon 138 is rated at
385 some places, but do believe it’ll take more. Its wide with lots of storage room, you may want to take a look at it.