Weights of Bell Rob Roy constructions?

The current constructions are:

Kevlight 34 lbs

Black gold 38 lbs.

What was the weight for the discontinued constructions:

White gold and


Were there any other constructions?


Not to change the subject, but…
… if you are thinking about getting a Rob Roy, check out the one by Nova Craft. It offers a smaller cockpit and standard canoe-style seating to allow standard canoe-style paddling. If I wanted a Rob Roy, I’d prefer that to having my butt on the floor of the boat. You may have other preferences, but I thought I’d mention that one just in case.

Have you paddled a NC Rob Roy?
I posted in the discussion forum a week or two regarding the Nova Craft Rob Roy and nobody responded.

So far, I don’t know if anyone has actually paddled the NC Rob Roy.

Sorry. No.
I mainly think that having a regular seat would be a nice modification. I haven’t tried one. I sort of doubt that many (any?) people around here have one.


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Re: The NC Rob Roy. Someone needs to be first. Order one and let us know what you think.

A Bell company person says 48 lbs (give or take)with gel coat for the older glass models…