weighty gear???

Photo of loaded boat
Check out the photo from the Kiamichi River in Oklahoma. My boat is the small one! :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much my gear weighs, but I’m outfitted for three days and two nights on this trip. I’m even carrying some of the friend’s gear.

I don’t consider myself a light packer, but I did buy everything with size and weight in mind.

If it’s only for two or three days, I will definitely carry my own water.

You will need to find out how to load the gear in your boat. Small adjustments can greatly affect the trim, and different conditions affect whether you’ll want it a little bow heavy or bow light.


If the water in NE Texas is anything like the water in SE Texas, I would not drink it!

Unless you have to…Survival situation!

If you want to give it a try,then try to collect some that is moving well, or, atleast couple hundred feet from the bank!

The water around here scares me!!! Hill country water i might try to filter or boil or treat…

If you have this much gear…
you have TOO much gear!


The book…
I wouldn’t ignore the beauty of my surroundings, but if I wanted to take a book, I would, and I wouldn’t give what it weighed a second thought.

Not too long ago I had a couple of extra pounds of weight that I carried in a cooler (also extra weight) for an overnight on a river.

I didn’t strain myself getting that extra couple of pounds downstream. It sure didn’t bother me & my wife when that couple of extra pounds turned into our supper…

Ribeye steaks

Baked potatos with butter & sour cream

Fried mushrooms

French bread

Fresh salad w/ dressing

Seyval wine chilled in a nalgene bottle


freeze dried water???
I’m intrigued. Please elaborate.

hey…have to?
“I always feel for those who have to paddle trips on salt water.”

i represent that statement…except that the salt water part is SELF-INFLICTED…there is some freshwater (supposedly) in rhode island…somewhere…heard a rumour about it…


easy guys
Don’t get me wrong, I long to paddle in the ocean, too many great places to list.