Weird Joint Pain Issue

Not looking for medical advice, but does this happen to anyone…

After a weekend of hard paddling, some joint pain for day in the shoulders and elbows.

Then 3 to 4 days of normal sensations- no pain

Then the joint pain returns on Friday or Saturday even though I have done no paddling since the previous weekend.

The doc says paddle more.

I get little pain the first day after,
but quite a bit more the second day. Just a healing sequence.

Did you lift anything heavy later in the week? I have a tender shoulder joint not from paddling, but from lifting a very heavy container while helping my daughter break down her farmer’s market booth.

If you can’t paddle, try weight training with resistance bands or hand weights.

sort of agree with doc
…but in between paddling, do other stuff more.

Often it’s either not enough torso used

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together with the arms or too dense and/or stiff a paddle for that maximum performance stroke....OR Both(canoe). When paddling at modest effort..most people can handle a little stiffer paddle at the leisure stroke rate & pull...than they can when they ramp up the performance level, as in racing.
Add to that, as some people ramp up their stroke rate from a leisurely moderate pull....they often create more bend at the elbow and throw torso rotation out the window, instead of using more back muscles for more power. Often there's more going on in racers' well-oiled torso motion and grip-hand usage than what at first seems...
*Kayak:Take with grain of salt as I've been a canoeist, only, for 2 decades...but using the bentshafts, to my knowledge, seems to have helped several people I know immensely. Have no idea if it has ANYTHING to do with the motion involved with the different angle..etc. ...But they're having a better time out there.


what did you eat ?

stop eating red meat immediately

try glucosamine.

many say gluco is not good for you, a week

's worth will kickstart your inter joint lube system.

I work out with wrist exercises every day for years.

Cleaning the van, polish and wax…with power…first day wrists fingers were a bit stiff. Today, only a stiff workout’s worth.

Try a croc diet instead.

The right red meat can qualify as lean protein, which can help reduce muscle pain.

My problem is the shoulder too
It hurts so bad sometimes I cannot do one push up with out pain. My plan is to start ramping up the push ups every day and fight it back.

More paddling. Some garden tools can be used in ways to replicate the paddling motion. Drink more water, use NSAIDS, and get a hot tub.

I Remember Now
Not paddling, but road biking. Last October I got talked into biking much farther and harder than I had planned. I had been off the bike for two weeks then did this really strenuous day trip. About four days later I got this awful sciatic pain. Your doctor is right. Our bodies like consistency.

why do push-ups?
Pushups are tough on the shoulders.

Where does it hurt? Front of shoulder muscle? You could have a torn RC or impinged nerve. Sometimes a bit of PT and some alternate exercises is all it takes to get it tolerable.

I thought push ups were PT. Right now they hurt just as bad as going to the PT, but it is getting better very slowly.

I never heard that push ups were hard on the shoulders, But I have heard that they are great for the shoulders. Which is it?


Has anyone mentioned paddle size
and paddling correctly?

I went from a rec boat to a sea kayak with the same heavy, crappy paddle that came with the rec boat.Thought my shoulders had come out of joint. Upgraded the paddle; pain gone.

Next were my wrists and forearms . Got the Brent Reitz CD on paddling correctly; a little practice and pain gone.

can be tough if

– Last Updated: Aug-05-14 8:27 AM EST – have rotator cuff tears or impingements. I basically had to abandon them. Something about the extension of the arm and shoulder.
One thing they had me do was to work the shoulder from all sorts of angles, with therabands and very light weights, to improve the other muscles that were getting squeezed out by the major musces (forgive me, layman's terms!).

I can find and post a link to those exercises if you want, they may help.

Slushpaddler I’d like the exercises
Slushpaddler, I would like to see the exercises you recommend.


I do usually push a bigger blade and use a high angle stroke. But with this pain will go down a size and do a low angle stroke more, if it gets worse, I’ll just do the flatwater with the Lumpy Greenland paddle for a month.

But… my surfing season starts in September and I want to be tuned up and ready!