Weird kayak

It’s a downriver racing boat. It is the kind of boat used in Olympic white water.

With a rudder?

Big rudder!


While at first glance it might look like a downriver boat, it most definitely isn’t. I saw one for the first time this year at the Missouri River 340. While I have no idea how or if it finished, it is a very interesting boat. The craftmanship was very good. The rudder is designed to raise and lower very easily, giving you a very maneuverable boat when up, and good tracking when the large rudder is down. I think it would be fun to play in wind and waves, but I don’t think it would be my go to for long distance paddling.

I recall seeing these a number of years ago at some trade shows. Very unusual design. I didn’t give them more than a passing look as I wasn’t looking for a line of ruddered tadpole looking kayaks. Gone too are the W boats and Little Wing amongst other non run of the mill creations.

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The process of “natural selection” applies to boat designs, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The up front position would be interesting in surf. Not sure the balance would be right for powering out. Or bow bury coming inn could be … Might be reason none of pictures on website show surfing.

Big cockpit.

The real thing with rudders is they are for trim not steering. One that big leads me to think it needs a lot to keep it straight. AND corrections will have a lot of drag.

Some design similarities with what I’m currently paddling, a 12r. Though the bow shape looks a good bit different. I use the 12r to chew up the flats (for a ww boat) and style class II-III. Even though it is long for ww kayak you have to use technique to get it to go straight (bow has quite a bit of rocker).

Well yes in hull depth and some stern shape, but the weight appears to be farther forward in the op 's boat.

Interesting designs. This is the first I’m seeing or hearing about them.

I did a google on them and they are calling it a rec kayak. I can’t imagine a design like that being very recreational.

Ha! :laughing: