Wekiwa Springs State Park

We are planning to go camping here (central FL) next week and wondered if anyone else had done so. We’re taking our yak and wondered what others had thought of the park and Wekiva River for some short excursions? Merry Christmas to all.

It is a great place.
We stayed there several years ago.

Make sure you paddle rock Springs Run all the way up to the head spring.

There is a left spur that will take you to it

I don’t know what the condition will be now, but there were several places that were almost impassable because they were clogged with water hyacinth, but it was worth pushing through and in a few places cutting our own channel to get up to the spring.

Have a great time.



Ditto Jack.

Very worth visiting. Wife & I camped @ Indian Mounds campsite there on Rock Springs Run on 3-15-05 ($4/p/night) After registering you need to carry boat & gear 100yds from pkg. area to launch just below Wekiwa Spring. (very nice swimmin’ hole) We paddled 10 min down springrun to RSR then up it for 1hr to Indian Mounds campsite. (best by far IMO of 3 backcountry sites on RSR)

Left overnight gear there & continued up to headspring then returned to campsite for night.

RSR is magnificent ! A real wilderness feel despite being very close to civilization. It’s a tunnel thru lush, green jungle. No liftovers but lots of fun steering around cut-out obstructions. Next day we paddled down RSR to Wekiwa R but found it much less scenic. Soon turned back as river was letdown after RSR.

Also some great trails in park for hiking &/or mt biking. Enjoy !

I grew up near there its a neat place, just remember that its a RIVER and back paddling from the Saint-Johns river is a bear!! Its very easy to get a bad case of “what’s around the next bend syndrome! And before you know it your on the BIG RIVER!! If you can arrange for somebody to pick you up the entire river would make a pretty easy day trip. For added length Rock springs run is great and flows into the Wikiva about a mile from its start. If the water is warm enough swim into the main river cave its pretty neat to fight the current down then let it blast you back to the top… Also on some of the more shallow areas they have Razor sharp sea shells so be careful, plastic boats are generally the better bet… also be careful of the land on either side it may LOOK firm but its actually a crust with gooey black mud underneath!! Also as a huge bonus it seems like the local women like to go topless on occasion in rock springs!!!

sounds great
We appreciate the suggestions and tips. Thanks, dbc

What causes that urge.?
I couldn’t resist the skinny dip there.

There is nothing like one of those secluded Florida Springs for a bare butt swim.

I know of a bunch of them that I liken to The Garden of Eden.

The good thing about most of them is the fact that the only way to get to there is by canoe or kayak, and you can always hear if someone is coming.



If you paddle quietly you are sure to sneak up on folks. Not that I ever did that sort of thing!!

Wekiwa Springs SP
We were there July 4th weekend,

and we canoed about 3 hours or so.

We really like it there, it was our

first time, but we will definitely

go back again!


Nice place
I was up ther in november. i think you will like it.

Wekiva is a beautiful place. I prefer to put in at Kings Landing (near Apopka), on Rock Springs run, which flows into Wekiva. You can arrange a shuttle (for a fee) or paddle back. There are some designated camping areas along the run – check with the park for details.

This is a very popular river. So popular that I like to be on it during the week (if possible) or during odd hours to avoid the crowds. Going at odd times will also allow you to see more wildlife (alligators, birds, otter and more).

My favorite “loop” in the Orlando area is to put in at Blue Springs, paddle (North) around Hontoon Island, into the Huntoon Dead river (turn left on the branch just about 1/4 mile past the Hontoon boat dock), and then back onto the St. Johns via one of the old lumber canals. Take a good map if you don’t know the area – there are a lot of side streams to get lost on… It’s about 9 miles, I believe. The St. Johns river has speed zones in this area which makes it more enjoyable for kayakers (and manatees).

Greg Stamer

great words
No bad reports, great news. Thanks we’re looking forward to going this week. Bad news is, weather.com is calling for 40% chance of rain. Oh well plans already made, no stopping us now. dbc

Your on a WET river why worry about the rain, its supposed to be in the high 70s!!! also the river temp is always around 70, seems FREEZING in the summer, but rather warm in the winter!!

Good point
about the WET river. I should have been more clear. We are camping in the state park for three days too. With the dog. dbc

Near by springs
If you are in the area, Blue Springs is a nice paddle and should be full of Manatees this time of year. Also, the Econ River on the East side of Orlando is a nice paddle also.

if you do the econ let me know, i’d like to go