Welded bulkheads in RM boats

I’ve got a couple of questions about welded plastic bulkheads in RM boats. First, is Valley the only company doing this? I thought P&H did it too, but I just checked out some new Capellas and Scorpios at a retailer, and the bulkheads were all minicell.

Second, what is the consensus about the long term reliability of these bulkheads?

Thanks in advance for any info/advice.

Re: welded bulkheads:
My Valley Avocet has them, and They are great. However, the rear cockpit bulkhead is just beginning to allow a bit of water to seep into the day hatch. I have not yet isolated the exact spot, as it is only a minor concern. I intend to work a small amount of sealant into the cockpit side of the bulkhead junction. Any ideas for something other than the big sticky mess that the usual sealants create? No lexel or 5200 please!

I’d try G/Flex NM

plastic repair
If yours talking about a plastic boat, just recently had a new old stock Perception Torrent whitewater sit on top. Had to repair the day hatch screw holes where the rim mounted. Shottie work from factory. I took my soldering gun with multiple attachments and filled these misaligned holes with some polyethylene found inside the boat (or you can buy poly sticks) and it word just fine. Redrilled holes, and it was rock solid. Respirator recommended.

Small leak
at the rear cockpit bulkhead, allowing a small amount of water into the day hatch, appears to be around the skeg wire. One more test will confirm. If this is the case, I will work a small dab of lexel into the area, unless I can get some better advise. It’only appears after a lot of rolling, but that’s what I do. It’s not the hatch cover.