Welding plastic?

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Anyone know anything about the Leister Technologies plastic welding tool? This month's Boatbuilder magazine arrived. They have given it a pretty good review.
More information at www.malcomheatguns.com

Supposedly for repairs on ABS and HDPE kayaks and canoes.

If it works it should be great.
I can’t help you with that tool, but every time I’ve tried wielding plastic I ended up with a mess.

Interesting info
on the website. I’ve never tried welding plastic, but it seems it should work.

welding plastic is hard
it’s a real skill like welding metal. It is harder than it looks. I’d try to find a real plastic welder to help you. Maybe someone who builds custom chemical tanks or repairs car bumpers.

Also look for water, sewage, and other
plastic tank service businesses. These cater to RV, agriculture, and other similar uses. Even auto paint shops have the plastic skirts and such repair welded.

Unless you really want spend a lot of time and money to learn how, you are further ahead just paying to have the repair done.



Go for it.
This winter I had a plastic WW boat that separated at the seam where the sidewall meets the hull. After sanding with 80 grit, I cleaned and dried the boat.

Used a heat gun in combination with the plastic welder. It was much easier than I expected it to be!

I was able to heat the work room to approximately 80 degrees so everything gets warm, which makes the job even easier.

Once the boat and plastic to be added are both hot it can be spread like “butter”. Once it begins to cool off a bit it is nearly impossible to move with ease. Make sure you used the exact same type of plastic your boat is made of.

I repaired over 6 foot of crack and the boat is still going strong pounding river rocks.

I welded both the inside and outside.

If done correctly the boat forms a “union” with the new plastic.

In my opinion it is not at all like welding metal. I believe it is much more like working with clay.