Weldwood failure

I’d like to ask some advice for why my D-rings on Royalex failed.

I just used the garden variety contact cement on a good dry warm day, and yesterday, after about 3 weeks, they pulled off with not too much effort, one finger at least. I was able to rub the glue off like rubber cement. Does it harden? I coated both sides, albeit thinly, and let them dry probably an hour, but they weren’t really tacky anymore.

Use more glue, let dry more?

I’ve got 9 to do, how much Vynabond(?) would that take?


wrong glue
contact cement is the wrong stuff for d rings. Vynabond is the way to go. Just be careful as it can and will melt Royalex. Don’t “goop” it on, Sand area w/80 and clean w/alcohol. Thin coats on each piece will do. Let each dry and press together. Roll out any bubbles.

Contact cement works great on larger areaitems, like knee pads or pedestals.