Well I did it

After taking a lesson 2-1/2 years ago and renting a kayak 4 or 5 times a summer I finally bought a new 13’ Old Town Cayuga. I am looking forward to its maiden voyage on Lake Nockamixon (hopefully tomorrow) So if I see you on the lake give a wave. I will be the one wearing the big grin.

See ya on the water


I’ll give you a big wave from here
congrats, and may you have many good paddles with your new boat.

Jack L

It’s a start.

I could have seen you …
Great day to be on Nockamixon too, except for a bit of wind. I launched at noon from Tohickon and paddled up to the Haycock boat ramp and back (abt 6 miles). Perhaps we crossed paths? What color is your boat?

Maiden Voyage
It’s Blue & white I think they call it sky. I didn’t get out until this morning. It was wonderful out there I left from 3 mile run ramp. The boat worked great. Thanks for all the well wishes.


Will you have a bottle of champagne?

Of course “The Champagne of Bottled Beers”

Miller High Life (I think I’m showing my age here)