Well Nuts in LL or WS boats?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows if Well Nuts are used in either Wilderness Systems or Liquid Logic boats in any of the outfitting? I ask because I found one in the bottom of my Zephyr, but nothing is apparently amiss. Also my LL Remix is stored on top of my other two boats, upside down, so it could have come from that. Just curious!


Diffidently in the Zephyr, the rear screws on thigh braces use well nuts.

is it new?
Lots of boats leave the factory with miscellanious parts accidentally dropped inside that go unnoticed and shipped out. (We’ve recieved a couple rolls of tape and a tape measure among other things) Sometimes they roll under the seat and only show up months later. But the above mentioned thigh brace adjuster screw does use a well nut-so check that.

thigh brace
interesting… the right thigh brace in my zephyr is coming apart… the fabric covering is almost gone. Guess I need to check that out.

Thanks for the replies!

I don’t like
WS’s thigh braces, I have a Zephyr also, and a Tsunami for my wife. I don’t like the downward protrusion on them, for me they force my legs/thighs to be splayed out too much and after a while it gets uncomfortable. I pulled the cover off them, took the padding off the hard plastic backer and attached just the padding to the underside of the coaming so I can engage the braces from any leg position.