Weller Pond

I’m taking my family up to the Adirondacks for two weeks in July (using Rollins Pond as basecamp). My plan is to spend a couple nights on Weller Pond. Can anyone tell me about the campsites up there? I have three young boys (5, 5 and 7 yo) so a site with a kid-friendly waterfront would be preferred. Would I expect to hear motor’s in Weller Pond?

Middle Saranac Lake can get fairly lively with motors in summer. Some boats venture up to Wller Pond, of course. Although there is no motorized boat launch on Middle, a favorite route is for motors to traverse the channel and lock from Upper.

Adirondack Explorer is heading an effort to make Weller motor free.

Reserve a Campsite
I’ve paddled to Weller Pond before, and I’ve seen the campsites, they’re nice enough, but (and I’m not 100% sure on this 'cause I’ve never camped there) I think you have to register at one of the Saranac Lake DEC stations. Motorboaters also come up from Lower Saranac through the locks, and you might not be able to find a choice spot when you get there. You might try reserveamerica.com If I remember correctly, you can reserve a N.Y. DEC site from them. You’ll find that a lot of the “good” sites are already taken.

If you really get stuck, let me know and I’ll go down and look in the basement for some old maps and information that might help you more.


Other options
Weller Pond is motor boat accessible ; depending on the water level in the channel from Middle Saranac . Of course, the motorboats on Rollins Pond will be just as bad . From what I remember, the sites on Weller are not that great as far as beaches etc . Plus, if you wanted to paddle there from Rollins, with small children it would involve crossing several large lakes ; Middle in particular can get windy . Even if you put in on Lower or Middle, the lake can be choppy at times.

A couple alternatives you might consider : Follensby Clear Pond and Little Square Pond . Both are a very easy paddle from Rollins that involve almost no portaging and offer a nice stream to paddle and very little large open water crossing . FCP has trolling motors only allowed ; LSP is paddle only . Both have several sites with beaches . Follensby can get crowded, but at the time you are looking at , everything is going to be crowded unless you go mid week . Even then……

One last option would be Long Pond . There are some out of the way sites on it . It also offers some nice side trips . You can drive over and put in at the SW corner off Floodwood Road. And no motors on it.

You can stick to the west shoreline, safer if rough. Last time I was there (don’t remember when but it was hot)I was attacked unmercifully by dearflies.

not true of FC pond Montyburns. jet skis can get into Follensby Clear Pond and do!

D’oh !
Guess I have been lucky the last few years then . That sucks to say the least…be nice to see one hit a submerged log .

That being the case, head on over to Little Square Pond - they can’t get there, that much I do know . Or Long Pond.