I found Wellnuts for mounting hardware at my local ACE hardware. Is there other places who carry the loops, paddle holders, ect., or any other hardware such as this. I do not have the good fortune of having an outfitter close to me. The closes outfitter is about 30 miles away. I live between Greenville and Piqua Ohio. Any suggestions would be great.



Try here

Go online
www.kayakfishingstuff.com has a good store with all the products you need.

There’s also www.nrsweb.com that’ll do you a good turn.

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Had never been on the TopKayaker site before. It really has a lot of usefull information.



down with wellnuts
Wellnuts are not very good. We are one of the first kayak fishing shops in the US and gave up on wellnuts 10 years ago. The problem I have with them is

1- the large hole you must make

2- they always loosen up

3- the rubber dry rots

Stainless steel bolts are for sale every where and they are the most durable way to atach anything. If you dont have hull acess use aircraft rivets. I have sold thousands of kayaks with aircraft rivets on them and have yet to see one pull out. We have them if you cant find them.