Wen. Cascade or Bell Alaskan? HELP!

I am in need of a new whitewater tripping boat? I have narrowed it down to the Wenonah Cascade or the Bell Alaskan. Anyone have any advice or experience with either of these boats?

I paddled the Cree River in Northern Saskatchewan in July in a Bell Alaskan. Solid performer. Very stable when loaded. Not as much freeboard as a similarly loaded Dagger Venture but this didn’t cause a problem. I liked the boat.

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a Bell. All the ones I’ve paddled have been “honest” boats, not true of all other makes. They are well built, have superior hull designs and handle well loaded or empty. The model your referring to is designed for river tripping. I think for your use it will be hard to do better. - Jamie

Have not paddled the Cascade…like
most of the design, except that the bow/stern seems molded to sharp for whitewater mishaps. The Bell seems to have avoided this error.