Wenanah Advantage

I got to try out one yesterday and like the way it handled.

Now the question is: Does it fall into the catagory of a recreational canoe or a C-1 when it comes to racing?

By the way, thanks Paul for bringing the canoe just to let me try it out.



hi, i’m pretty sure it would run in the rec class, by nymcra, n.y. & penna rules, also if you are ever in a race remember to follow me.

Wenonah lists it as a rec class boat.

Standard / Stock Class

up here they did away with the recreational solo class in most races. The Advantage falls in to the stock or standard class. Same class, just different names. Since it is over 16’ in length it would not have made it into the old rec class anyway. Don’t need to run it in the C-1 amateur racing class, it is the most popular boat in stock class. Good luck with it, but please don’t beat Charlie by too much, he spent so much time building that beautiful Merlin. we don’t want him to getting despondent yet. Wait till the end of the season before you beat him by a big margin. Then if he gets despondent I can get a bargain price on the Merlin, right now i don’t have the money if he puts it up for sale.


It was his Merlin…
…that caused “the bride” and I to want to look at solos.

We made the mistake of trying it, and fell in love with it.

Hey, Nanci and I are thinking of coming up for the Adarondike if I can recoup from an opeation that I am having this week and get back in some kind of shape



advantage flotation
when did wenonah add the extra flotation to make it handle swamping better? I’m looking at a 1994 model. It’s kevlar and listed for $700. Thanks.

Wenonah offers air bags you can lace in
the ends. They add very little weight. Can’t imagine that flatwater rules would exclude air bags.

End Float Tanks
Float tanks are standard on tandems and not included on all solos.

Someone might have ordered one without the end tanks to save a little weight. Or they were not standard on that layup. The extra stiffened layups always got the tanks, but the core bottom layups in kevlar did not need any extra floatation because the core and the ribs are floatation and not much is needed for a 25# hull with wood trim.

My 1995 Advantage
Is a Kevlar foam core model and it came with end tanks.

This boat is a classic. Great speed for either rec racing or lake touring. Leave everyone else in the dust !


Must be
racing on a dry lake…