Wenatchee Lake Kayaking

Hello! I am new to Washington and to kayaking. My daughter is coming to visit in August from Illinois and I would love for us to go kayaking on Lake Wenatchee.
Can anyone please give advice for 3 beginners?
Where is the best place to put our kayaks in?
Where is the calmer water to stay in?
Is there pretty scenery there that will make it worth the 3 hour drive?
Thank you so much for any help you can give us! :grin: :rowing_woman:

L Wenatchee is a good sized lake. Famous for mosquitoes, but should be better by August. You can launch kayaks anywhere you can get near the lake. It is a beautiful place. Plan on paddling in the morning near shore. Get off the water by noon or 1300 and check the weather reports before you go out. Have fun. Wear PFDs. Tell someone where you are going.

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