Wenona Canoe

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Wenona know your question.

On one of mine, I changed it to
We no Nah-thin

After a couple of years, “the bride” made me change it back.

She said we were getting too many questions about it

Jack L

Wenona C1W Canoe
For some reason, this did not post??? Have a 1987 Wenona C1W fast-paddling canoe – gold color/Kevlar. Was thinking about either selling or donating it…any thoughts? If I decide to donate it, what organization may I contact to take the canoe? The canoe has been kept indoors – not used since at least 2000 or 2001 --maybe even earlier than that. Appears to be in good condition (it belonged to another family member). Was told I could get $850 to $900 for it…does this sound reasonable? Chicago area.

I would think you could get $850 or more
if it needs no significant repairs and if you are patient. On the idea of donating, though I grew up near Chicago, I don’t have a suggestion. Good area to sell that kind of a canoe, though.

Wenona canoe

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