Wenonah 17' C1

Anyone know anything about a Wenonah 17’ C1. Is this similar to an advantage? (https://d3s3k13islrvw7.cloudfront.net/original/2X/8/8cfcd6c60a877d23e3fdd00b2707f5540e646a35.jpeg “”)

Only the middle picture is big enough to see.

Just a guess, but it might be their racing canoe before their “J” boats.
maybe Bill Miller will chime in here

Is it an obvious racing hull with wide “wings” behind the paddling station?

If so, it might be the Jensen ICF C-1 (17’ 0"). Here is what Wenonah said about that canoe:

“This Jensen-designed hull is the only commercial model that meets ICF specifications for solo competition. We have not raced it extensively but have paddled it vigorously for many hours and found that its radical, diamond-shaped hull makes it faster than a USCA cruiser. It is the fastest solo canoe we build and is very competitive with custom-built ICF hulls.”

I have never paddled nor even seen that canoe, but I can tell you it would be nothing like an Advantage. It has a quite round hull bottom contour. It would be faster than an Advantage, and much less stable. It would also be pretty useless for hauling any type of gear. Basically, a racing and fast exercise boat.


I’m pretty sure that is the Jensen C-1 17. Very rounded hull cross-section in the front half and rear third, flatter at the “wings”. As I said, I never paddled one. I did paddle this somewhat similar Mad River Tempest one time:

The Tempest was an absolute hoot to paddle on a lake. Its very narrow front half made it very easy to switch sides paddling sit and switch, and to keep your paddle stroke close to the keel line of the canoe. The fastest solo canoe I have paddled that was not a full-on racing hull. I believe the Tempest was 17’ 6" in OAL. It was more stable than I thought it would be looking at it.

If you are looking for a fast flat water exercise boat, I think it would be great. For anything else, not so much.

With the J-200 I usually could stay with the pack until the first buoy turn, and then I was sadly left in their wake! Once I asked one of the better racers how he did it so smoothly and his response was; " Lean and pray"

Maybe you don’t go to the right church?