Wenonah Adirondack and following winds and waves

Hi - looking for some input on how the Wenonah Adirondack handles following winds and waves. Does the relatively low and narrow stern (good for performance and crossing winds) rise to the occasion? Or is it a fairly wet experience and tend to take on a bit of water?

Thanks in advance.

That will depend on the load and the freeboard. two paddlers at 150# or less and a light load will be fine in any water a sane person would paddle. two 300# paddlers with a couple full ice chests and heavy gear are going to be wet and frustrated.

Thanks - similar to my thoughts. Have you paddled the Adirondack much?

not nearly as much as the Spirit or 18 Sundowner, but still 40 hours or so on open water like Lake Ontario and Long Lake. It handles lake swells well,.turns easily, and was dry with 360 # of paddlers and no load.I would have preferred bucket seats and a foot brace over the bench seats. The smooth floor of the Ultra-Light layup does not provide a place to brace your feet like a cross rib layup. I have a 17 Jensen set up with sliding bucket seats and a rear foot brace and have paddled and raced it in very challenging conditions on big Adirondack lakes without problem and credit being solidly anchored in the seat to maintaining control. And the Adirondack is more seaworthy than the 17 Jensen.

Again, thanks - good, usable comments. The good news is that the folks who were looking got an Adirondack with the bucket seats and rear foot bar, so should be good.

Appreciate the input.