wenonah Adirondack or solo plus

Okay i have nailed down my choice of canoe to either the adirondack or the solo plus. Does anyone have any input? the adirondack comes in at 16’ whereas the solo plus is 16.6’. Does that 6" makes much of a difference.

Before this purchase i was canoeing a barge of 18 ’ by myself. It tracked great i think because it was so long. I tried the adirondack out and it turns great but i am not quite sure of the tracking. any suggestions?


you’ve got to say how you’d use it

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As a solo, the Solo Plus hands down. As a tandem, the Adirondack hands down. Of course, you probably do mixed use or you wouldn't be looking at the Solo Plus. Mixed use is where it's tricky. It comes down to paddler sizes and percentage of paddle time solo vs. tandem. Then, you make your compromise and live with it.

My Solo Plus gets used by either my two boys as a tandem, or by me (a bigger paddler) as a solo. For that kind of mixed use, it's a perfect compromise.

One more thing, I think you're looking at the wrong dimension. Forget about the 6" of length and consider the 4" (from memory) of width. That's the important dimension.

agree with Eric
that the “right” boat will depend on how and with whom you plan to use it?

I live in the foothills of the Adirondacks and have happily used an Ultralight Adirondack for tandem pond hopping in St. Regis Canoe Area and on many “twisty” little rivers - the boat turns on a dime. Trimmed correctly, the Adirondack can work as a long trip solo boat on smaller water.

For all of the above uses, the Adirondack worked well. Eventually we gave the boat to a realtive who tries to use the Adirondack on bigger waters with less success.

No experience with the Solo Plus, so can’t comment.

P.S. Rebecca and I get along much better in canoes once we each got our own solo boats.


adirondack or solo plus
I thank you for all your replies they are helpful. I am hoping that my boyfriend will go with me but i imagine i will be paddling most of the time by myself. That being said i will also say that i am not a lightweight either. thanks for all the help. i plan to use on small lakes and rivers mostly maybe lila lake once a year.