Wenonah Adirondack RX Worth.

I’m looking at a Wenonah Adirondack in RX, It needs the Grab Handles and Yoke replaced which I have the parts for. It has a little oxidation on the exterior green with no major marks , scratches or dents. I don’t think it was used much, just sat outside for a period of time. How much is it worth?

I bought a RX Penobscot 16
which was in like new condition about eight years ago, which I think is a better canoe for 600.

I can only guess, no more than 400 if you really like the boat.

How old is it ? (last two numbers in the serial number)

Jack L

Jack L

Market value
Location and demand will set the price, but with the demand up and the supply dwindling, Royalex Adirondacks in good condition bring $600+. Some are asking $100 for comparable royalex canoes, but they stay in the listings for a long time.