Wenonah Adirondack Value

I have a friend who wants to sell me his royalex Wenonah Adirondack for $400. It looks to be in pretty good shape. Is this a good investment?

I’ve paddled aluminum canoes my whole life.

Not sure if its worth the money, or if it is an upgrade to my 13 or so foot grumman ultra lite or whatever it is.

I would buy it in a second if it is in good serviceable condition.
I haven’t seen a roylex Wenonah, but they make good boats.


I have a royalex Wenonah Addy that I bought for 600 (with three paddles and pfds).

I’ve seen them for higher than that.

It’s been a great boat–I think it’s in the mid 50 lbs range. Love mine

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Yes its a good deal. and yes it will be a paddling improvement over any Aluminum canoe you have paddled. You will immediately notice its quiet. Just don’t run it up on shore when you land like you would with aluminum.