Wenonah Adirondack vs. Old Town Penobsco

I have an opportunity to pick up a used Wenonah Adirondack for a reasonable price. I’ve already got an OT Penobscot RX, and on paper, aside from the Wenonah being a little wider and asymmetrical, they look fairly similar. But I was wondering if anyone has some experience paddling both boats and how they compare to each other in terms of performance. Thanks much.

When my wife and I were looking
we also looked at both, and paddled both. We ended up getting the Penobscot.

It seemed lower to the water and more maneuverable, and the front of the Adirondack was too deep for my short wife, so we got the Penobscot.

We have been happy with our choice.

Jack L

Adirondack v Penob
The Penobscot lines are more traditional a cruising design. The bottom is both narrower and a little more arched than the Adirondack. The Addie has always been more of a rec-oriented design (at least, as much as Wenonah DOES rec boats), and will be a little slower than the Penob.

On the flip side, Wenonah’s layup schedule for their Royalex sheets have always been a little beefier than OT’s. it’s possible you’ll notice more oil canning in the Penob than the Adirondack.

If you’re thinking of solo paddling once in awhile, a Penob is better suited, if it’s primarily tandem goofing around, no reason not to buy the Wenonah.

The differences are negligible
The Adirondack was my first canoe and it served me well through scout trips, races, and just cruisin’ rivers & lakes. For most people, they won’t notice any differences between the two boats. Both are good…

Composite Adirondack
Nothing has been said so far if the boat under consideration by the OP is a Composite layup or Royalex.

Royalex Adirondack to Royalex 16’Penobscot would be a very equal comparison. Slight difference, but as RedCrossRandy pointed out, not very noticelable by recreational paddlers.

The Composite Adirondack is a different paddling canoe. Faster, slightly better tracking, and much better glide. Far easier on the shoulders in Kevlar.

Having a composite Adirondack and a Royalex Penobscot would be a great duo. One for trips and one for river work. Similar enough handling that going from one to the other would not require much adjustment.