Wenonah Advantage vs. Grasse River XL

Anybody who has paddled both of these boats? Any opinions about strengths and weaknesses?

I’m looking for a boat I can race and enjoy for day trips/overnights a little bit more than my Wenonah Voyager. Even though I’m 6’2" 245lbs, the capacity of the Voyager makes it a handful for day trips and overnights.

Too much load for Advantage?
Since you want to trip with this boat, you and your gear will weigh enough that you better try the Advantage out in waves before you make this decision. I’ve been out fast cruising in an advantage in just one foot waves with a 260 lb load, and the bow sliced so deeply, the waves were within one inch of rolling over the bow. In calm conditions an Advantage is fine with that load, a real pleasure to paddle, and is as fast as a Voyager. But on the Wenonah side of this question, my opinion is the Voyager is the better match for your load than the Advantage.

Advantage vs. GR Classic XL
The Classic XL is the class of the field in C1 stock class racing here in NE. If racing is your primary objective it will best the Advantage.

I’ve owned a Classic (12 in shorter than XL) for years & really enjoy it. Raced it some but mostly use it for backcountry cruising where it eats up the miles both on water & portage trail.

Previously owned an Advantage for yrs but sold it after acquiring my Voyager. I found the Advantage much more stable than the Classic.

Took the Advantage loaded w/ camping gear down the Missinaibi, running lots of C2 raps w/o any problems, something I’d never consider w/ Classic which I find “twitchy”. My Voyager is even more stable than the Advantage & about equal to Classic in speed

Thanks for the info
It looks like I’ll have to try and see if I can find them to paddle. I didn’t even consider that I might have a problem with weight in either of them.

I really want to race, and I can’t do that in a Voyager unless it is in races like the MR340 or Texas Water Safari without the USCA rules.

Thanks again

nice problem to have
I’m thinking about the same boats for fast cruising and stock racing, although we typically race C1s in Florida.

I’d think the Classic XL would beat the advantage in most races with most paddlers. However, you can get a used advantage for much cheaper.

I’m 6’1", 180 pounds, so gear considerations wouldn’t be as much of a concern as it would be for someone 200-plus.

Grasse River still around
Is Grasse River still in business ? Their website has been down since sometime last year .


If you get down toward Atlanta, e-mail me. I’ve got an old XL you can try.