Wenonah Advantage vs Vagabond

How much better does a vagabond turn than an advantage? I have an advantage and I’m looking at a royalex vagabond that I imagine will serve me better in my preferred waters (creeks up to class 1, slow riverseith lots of hairpin turns).

Thanks in advance.

The Vagabond will turn much easier than the Advantage. My Advantage was just too hard tracking a canoe to make paddling twisty blackwater streams enjoyable. I got a Wenonah Wilderness, which is a larger hull very similar to the Vagabond, and found it turned nicely enough I could handle water approaching Class II.

Appreciate your feedback, that’s very helpful. What material is your wilderness ? I’ve read reviews for the vagabond that it’s hard tracking and I want to make sure that’s relative to a white water boat. I’m looking at a royalex vagabond and I’ve read they don’t have rocket as well which increases my concern.

I have an UL Wilderness. Yes, compared to a dedicated WW canoe the Vagabond and Wilderness would be considered hard tracking. However, there is enough bow rocker an experienced canoeist can turn the canoe so catching eddies is possible.

Understood but if the royalex version has no rocket, that will be a different experience. I’ll probably grab the boat and report back, lol. Hoping someone with a royalex vagbond can chime in.